Milk Road

People in China



Food & Healthcare.


This belief is

one more reason

why the milk road

is like the silk road.


Roads that change the course of human history.


What is the Milk Road?

It’s the timeless name for:

1 ) Historic Change

2 ) Strategic Relationships

3 ) Cooperation Concept

4 ) Trade Route & Investment Theme

5 ) Economic Theory


Why is the Milk Road….?

1 ) Historic Change

Mothers in China want more good things in life from the US, starting with safe milk for their children.

This is why everyday people have built economic roads to obtain them like in the sixth century when Byzantine monks in Europe voyaged to China for silk.

The Milk Road is like the Silk Road….a road that has already and will continue to change the course of human history.

2 ) Strategic Relationship

Like all powerful trends that change the course of human history, the Milk Road is like the Silk Road – it is a name that describes ‘Strategic Relationships.’

3 ) Investment Theme

China needs to build World-Class Food & Healthcare Systems.

USD 4 trillion and 20 years is one estimate of what that may take to realise.

4 ) Cooperation Concept

This name makes it easier to talk about important questions like these:

– Why this investment theme will outperform most because it solves a critical world-class problem?

– Why people depend on the Milk Road to transfer what they need from strategic industries that include Food, Agriculture, Resources, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Technology?

5 ) Economic Theory

We are working with partners to define a new economic theory.

The Silk Milk Road Economic Theory – SMRET

If you would like to learn more or collaborate on its development then be sure to drop us a line.

Who Coined the Term?

Adam Gregory Goern coined the term “Milk Road.”

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