This route of trade, culture & investment connecting people across the Indo-Pacific feels like a force of nature trying to fill a vacuum of hunger.

The Silk Road
Inventing this category of road and describing it as a "milk road" is new.

Where are we without a name?

Struggling to think & talk about big questions like this...

"How and why do people instinctively search, find, share & interact with every resource between ourselves, starting with milk as food at birth?

Since the need for milk began, pathways created in the search for new milk have transformed into physical, virtual & metaphorical roads with never-ending stories.

Australia's new milk road with Asia

Many Australians started their first search for milk with help & empathy from their mother.

After growing too big, many moved to milk from dairy farmers.

These farmers sold milk to their neighbors down the road too.

Whenever they needed more milk then they just went up the road to get it or arranged for delivery to their doorstep.

This road felt like it was built with empathy from many people too, especially from the farmers.

Many of these farmers had migrated to Australia & New Zealand from other English-speaking cultures like the UK.

Many farmers sold their extra milk back overseas to people in cultures their families had known for a long time.

Then one day a country in Asia with a large population grew their economy from small to big.

Consumers there wanted milk from Australia & New Zealand too.

People started building new milk roads to move it there.

And that created more change than most people expected, especially for the families of the farmers who produced the milk.

Milk Roads have always created fundamental change in our lives, now more than ever.

We believe people who connect us with the best things that life has to offer, starting with safe milk, are heroes.

They are in a category of their own too.

We call them "Milk Road Heroes."

We've started working more closely with more Milk Road Heroes every day by listing them here:

Step 2 - Keep It Simple

A useful way to think & talk about your relationship with Asia starts & ends with trade.

Important trade - like the trade of safe healthy milk powder.

Bain & Company survey from 2016 reported this:

The Silk Road

In the arc of history, this behaviour is comparable to the way that people in Europe went to search, find and bring home silk from Asia.

Beginning around 500AD, a trade route formed naturally between Europe and Asia driven by consumer demand for a unique international supply of silk.
The Silk Road
Story legend is the original producers of silk lost their monopoly around 500AD when silk worms were smuggled out of China by Byzantine monks inside their walking canes.

This story could be one of the history's biggest heists of intellectual property.

1,300 years later, in 1877, the name "Silk Road" was finally "invented" by Ferdinand von Richtofen for that route of trade, investment & culture.

The first book entitled The Silk Road was not appear in print until 1938.

Why does this feel important?

It took more than 2,000 years for people to establish a name as "shared language" for that route of trade, culture and investment.

The Milk Road from England to Australia & New Zealand started forming only about 250 years ago.

This name as "shared language" has been around for only about five years.

Try to be empathic when people sound confused about the Milk Road.

You are probably talking with somone who is unaware of the Silk Road, it's history and this story.

They find it confusing to think about this:

A name is the first basic step to talk about this kind of road which has been creating so much change in your life.
Last Step

Ask yourself, "Why this is happening?

Why is there so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia?

A core reason is "Food Safety."

"Food Safety" is a phrase often used to talk about systems that produce unsafe food.

One of the most basic underlying reasons why there is so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia is because consumers in Asia are concerned about unsafe food systems in Asia.

The Food Safety Problem

The problem is definable this way:

There are too many unsafe food systems in Asia.

What Will Solve The Food Safety Problem?

"Upgrade food systems in Asia" will solve the problem of "too many unsafe food systems in Asia."

What Will It Take?

It will take a difficult-to-forecast amount of money and time to upgrade foods systems all throughout Asia.

It will take a jump of alignment of partners who want to mobilise capital.

What do investors use when they want to align partners to mobilise capital?

Investment Themes.
Investment Theme

What is the Milk Road Investment Theme?
The Milk Road Investment Theme is the trend of investors to satisfy the gravitational demand pull of the largest concentrated group of emerging market consumers on earth located in the Valeriepieris Circle.

What fact & assumptions support & drive the Milk Road Investment Theme?


More than 50% of the world's population live inside the Valeriepieris Circle - more than 4 billion people.


What Should Do We Do Now?

Share & Discuss the New Milk Road Story

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