Milk Road

The Silk Road
The Milk Road is a route of trade, investment & culture forming a pattern in human history like the Silk Road
This is why the Milk Road is an economic theory, an investment trend & a vision lens for a different new way to think about Asia.

Start Simple

One simple way to think & talk about Asia starts and ends with trade.

Important trade - like the trade of silk and milk.

These days people in Asia go out to search, find and import milk powder back to their home country from other countries.

The Silk Road

Historically speaking, this is comparable to the way that people in Europe went out to Asia to search, find and bring back silk.

A trade route formed naturally by consumer demand from external supply.

In 1877, the Silk Road trade route was named after the iconic consumer product exported on that route.

A Next Step

Ask yourself, "Why this is happening?

Why is there so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia?

One of the reasons is Food Safety.

Food Safety is a phrase used to talk about systems that produce unsafe food.

The most basic reason why there is so much demand in Asia for milk powder from outside of Asia is because consumers are concerned about unsafe food systems in Asia.

The Food Safety Problem

The problem is definable this way:

There are too many unsafe food systems in Asia.

What Will Solve The Food Safety Problem?

"Build world-class food systems in Asia" will solve this food safety problem.

What Will It Take?

It will take a difficult-to-forecast amount of money and time to build world-class foods systems all throughout Asia.

It will take a jump in alignment of partners mobilising capital.

What is required for a jump in alignment of partners to mobilise capital?

Investment Themes are required to mobilize a jump in alignment of partners with capital.
Investment Theme

What is the Milk Road Investment Theme?
The Milk Road Investment Theme is the trend of investors to satisfy the gravitational demand pull of the largest concentrated group of emerging market consumers on earth located in the Valeriepieris Circle.

What fact & assumptions support & drive the Milk Road Investment Theme?


More people live inside the Valeriepieris Circle than outside - 4 billion plus.


What Should Do We Do Now?

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